Messinger & Associates, Inc.

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Messinger & Associates, Inc., is an industry leader, providing professional surveying services to clients.  We use the latest software and technology to ensure quality that surpasses client expectations.

Messinger & Associates Corporate Office Bastop, Louisiana

Messinger & Associates Corporate Office
Bastop, Louisiana

Land Surveyors render a highly technical and complex service.  This work is the foundation upon which your project is built.  In case of controversy, a land surveyor may appear in court on your behalf as an expert witness or provide written legal opinions on why a dispute about a boundary exists.

Many land surveyors act on behalf of their client at planning commission meetings and/or other public hearings when city, parish, state, or federal permit approval is required for certain developments.  They may also prepare feasibility reports for more complex projects. 

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Messinger & Associates, Inc. subscribe to a strong Code of Ethics and are committed to the highest standards in protecting the public’s interest while establishing and evaluating land boundaries and the construction of improvements. 

Some of our clients include: